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Only Better.

Our primed and ready-to-paint products redefine the possibilities of craftsmanship. With moisture resistance, a no-sanding-required approach, and industry-leading finishing technology, we’ve made woodworking effortless and enduring. Explore our collection of shiplap, vintage shiplap, pattern stock, trim boards, and extra trim boards, and experience the timeless allure of real wood, only better.

What We Offer.

Shadow Gap® Shiplap

Functional Elegance

Crafted for convenience, our product boasts self-spacing shiplap edges, eliminating the need for spacers during installation. This real wood solution redefines ease, making it perfect for DIY projects and professionals alike. Ideal for kitchens, baths, and mudrooms, its durability isn’t just for show. Shadow Gap® Shiplap can hold heavy objects, ensuring both practicality and style. Elevate your projects with this easy-to-install, real wood masterpiece and discover the art of functional elegance.

Vintage Shadow Gap® Shiplap


This exceptional wood paneling boasts an authentic narrow line and a reversible design, allowing you to craft spaces that resonate with ageless elegance and character. Crafted with care, our shiplap is free from lead paint and harmful chemicals, prioritizing safety. Embrace the beauty of imperfections with its reclaimed look that tells a story of character and history. Enhance living spaces with the warm, vintage color that’s meticulously applied, creating a captivating atmosphere that stands the test of time. Vintage Shadow Gap® Shiplap embodies enduring beauty, making it a choice that speaks volumes about your appreciation for classic, character-rich design.

Pattern Stock

Versatile and Timeless

Pattern stock is your gateway to elevating interior design. Crafted from authentic wood, it arrives primed and ready for your creative touch. Its unique reversible feature offers both edge and center bead or V-groove profiles, allowing you to shape spaces with distinctive character. Ideal for porch ceilings, wainscoting, and various decorative wall applications, pattern stock effortlessly infuses classic elegance into your projects. Its timeless versatility knows no bounds, making it the perfect choice for transforming any space into a canvas of enduring beauty and sophistication. 

Trim Boards


Our trim boards are crafted from real wood and primed to perfection, making them ready for your unique artistic touch. These versatile boards are ideal for multiple applications and available in a variety of widths, lengths, and thicknesses, ensuring a perfect fit for every project. Our industry-leading finish technology not only enhances their aesthetic appeal but also guarantees lasting durability, making them the top choice for builders seeking quality and versatility in their materials.

Extra Trim Boards

Quality & Longevity

Extra trim boards are a premium choice for builders seeking exceptional quality and longevity. Crafted from real wood and expertly primed, they are prepared for your creative touch. Backed by a 30-year warranty, these boards boast remarkable rot and insect resistance, ensuring their lasting beauty. Their compatibility with both water and oil-based paints provides flexibility, and their defect-free engineering guarantees a smooth, polished finish. For added convenience, they are available in micro-units, making your projects more efficient than ever. 

Choosing the Right Materials

Features & Benefits
  • Our experienced sales staff can assist you in selecting the right materials for your job at the cost you determine.
  • ӰƵ offers convenient delivery of products to your store at least once a week.
  • You can order most materials in job lot quantities, so you can purchase just the amount of materials you need so there’s no overage.

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